Thursday, May 25, 2006


It has been slow work getting the maple corpse out of the front yard. The wonderful tree cutters wanted another $250 to cut it up and haul it away. No way, young studs, but thanks for the offer. That is a lot of groceries/beer/bunny feed. A neighbor teen did haul three loads of branches to our already enormous burn pile at Camp Swampy yesterday. He got to drive Zippy, our 1972 Chevy Truck, and I gave him every bit of cash I had in the house - $6.50. He was happy with the deal (he only has his learner's permit) and he did a good job. There ARE nice kids out there.

I have been spreading the word that we have yard full of free fire wood for the taking on a first come, first served basis. Today, neighbor Kermit stepped up to the plate, saying he would cut up the tree and haul it all away. Yesss! Soon, please. Thank you!

Sweetie is working another killer week at the Potato Chip Mine (Woo Hoo! Overtime!!! Hey kids, we can eat next week!) Today, it is a twelve hour shift, and he will work days all weekend. And Monday, too.

Kelly Bob's 6 babies are doing well. I will spare you photos of the pink and hairless things. It has gotten way too warm here all of a sudden, though. I need to, like, get the extension cord strung out to the barn for fans. Soon. Like, today. And, holy crap, half of the sliding barn door just came loose. And fell off. And is on the ground. And I cannot pick it up my myself. And Bill is working a twelve today. Holy crap again.

After twelve years in Indiana, I have become such a Hoosier that anymore, I get queasy when the temperature rises over 80 degrees. It was 90 on the front porch yesterday. I turned on the air conditioner. The doc said I shouldn't be outside now anyway or have the windows and doors open, either, because of my allergies. Yeah, doctor's orders! Saw her Tuesday. (One of the joys of living in a small community is that the receptionist apologized for not being able to schedule me for Monday, the day I called, but Tuesday was good. Was 11:20 okay?) Some of the old "female" trouble was acting up again, along with my allergies, and what used to be called melancholia.

My doctor is so sweet. Maybe 'sweet' isn't the right word, but she always remembers me and listens to what I have to say, and she always takes whatever time it takes. She upped some of my meds and I am feeling better already. (Friends, take note! No more weepy!) And she reminded me to take the allergy meds I already have, like the icky nose spray. Yesterday, I could SMELL again for the first time in months. Duh! (Not necessarily a good thing with my housekeeping skills, but still.) I'm allergic to grass but I love the smell when it's been freshly cut and everyone around here has been a mowing fool lately. And she said that if I didn't feel better within two weeks to call her. She asked if I was getting out with people and I was pleased to say "Yes." Thank you, Friendship Spinners and my other fiber buddies, for getting my ass out of the house on some sort of regular basis.