Friday, July 10, 2009

Rated to 100 psi

Finally, the indoor plumbing is FMC; Full Mission Capable. Yay, us! When Sweetie completed the last coupling adjustment yesterday morning, I immediately washed dishes and did three loads o' laundry. Plus, we showered. Oh Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

Of course, the yard and driveway are a mess, and the line to the barn is only half complete. But do I care? We folks in America, most of us, are so rich with running water that we don't even know it. Can you imagine walking miles in order to haul water home in order to do ordinary cooking, etc? Half the world's population, or more, does not have reasonable access to clean water. Think about that the next time you let the tap run when you are brushing your teeth.

This house that we live in was built to use cistern water, since the wells in town mostly found sulphur water. There are springs, one is just across the street. That is why Laconia, Indiana is where it is. Fresh and clean water.

Our so called 'city water' was put in about 25-30 years ago. Before that, folks had wells or cisterns, or trucked in water. Everyone had an outhouse.

On the bunny front, I found Ramsey (who was saved from being python food as a baby, and I took her in what? three years ago?) almost dead yesterday under the apple tree. It was as if she had given up and was preparing to die. What happened to her, I do not know, but her back is broken. At the time, I was sad to have found her at all, because it meant that I had to take her in and help her in whatever way I could. If she had gone off to somewhere more secluded, she would have just "gone missing."

But I found her, soaked from the dew, dirty from digging, and paralyzed in the hind quarters. And so brought her inside to be cleaned and dried. Fed her a carrot which she scarfed up, and then she drank about a quart of water. She perked up. Holding her in my lap, she moved one of her hind legs! On the floor, she is able to scoot along. She is eating & drinking, pooping & peeing so I am encouraged that she can survive this, too.