Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Allow mixture to Set

What does one do in a week? I mean, productive kind of things? Does "being productive" have any meaning? Why does the word "productive" come into play at all? Maybe because I am a citizen of the mid-west and around here, being productive means surviving through the next year. Canning, picking up wind fall apples, laying up firewood, putting snow tires on layaway. Artists and grasshoppers are treated with suspicion around here.

Here is my usual day. Read it and weep. Didn't I say I was kept?

I knit in the morning for two or three cups of coffee then tend to alI of the bunnies, tend to Sweetie and make up his lunch. See him off and then have a nap or at the very least, a rest on the couch. Sudoku time.

The rest of the day is mine until midnight. Sometimes I get shit done; some other times, not so much. Grocery shopping is my big trip each week. There is not usually another reason to make the Big Drive into Corydon, except maybe tax paying or evicting tenants. The barn bunnies get tended to again in the evening, between 8 and 11 pm.

If I'm still awake, I'll wait up for Sweetie. Usually, I'm drowsed out by 11.

My life wears me out.

Is it bedtime?