Monday, August 28, 2006


I still feel bad. Or rather, I feel bad again after having a few good days.

Spent much of Friday and Saturday outside at Sellersburg Celebrates with Lynne. We were in the Fine Arts (ha ha) tent, close to the row of food vendors. "Why yes, let's buy this silver necklace then go get some funnel cake." I found the hours confusing, vendor parking wasn't thought out, and the lousy hot and thick air kept the customers away from our $85 booth. What fun. Lynne sold a couple of purses and a few skeins of yarn and made contacts and did okay - she made enough to cover the booth and a little bit more. The money I made came from her, as she bought 5 of my miniature quilted landscapes and two pair of knitting needles.

It was the sitting outside that has made my Allergies flare up and the Allergies brought along their little friend, Depression. Sweetie says that everyone where he works is complaining that their allergies are bad at this time, even those who have never been bothered before by allergies.

What to do? I'm gonna go take my second nap of the day here in a minute. I feel extremely low energy. Xtreme Sloth! That's part of my problem, the guilt of not being productive. It's hard for me to acknowledge that I'm really ill and not just being lazy. And there is always so much to do! If I even try to knit right now, I will most certainly fall asleep. Blogging isn't keeping me awake very well, either.

So let me finish today by saying that I have begun an art quilt using the silk noil which I dye painted. I started out not really knowing where the piece would end and then stared at and studied it for a few days. Re-did some of the first work and am now happy. The subject is a praying figure and the colors are warm pinks and reds. I will try for a photo next post.