Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Stitch and Knit

Alert the media. I have finished a sewing project. It is, however, so toad ass ugly that I will not post a picture. Said project is a purse from a kit. It is significant enough in my life and worthy of mention.

Had to locate the ironing board. It was in the pantry - who put it there? And an iron and a clear space in the studio to work. I found myself smiling standing there pressing little pieces of cotton. I sure do miss my industrial straight stitch machine, the one that got killed on the move from store to home. It had a knee lever for the presser foot and and went a thousand miles a minute. Figuratively speaking.

Anxiously awaiting the silk.

Tomorrow I believe I will be getting the last of Jean Womack's bunnies since she wants out of the rabbit raising bidness. Six new babies, and two of them are Fuzzarelly's brothers!

Next time I go into Corydon, I plan to stop by Davis Drug Store and see if they'll sell me a finger splint. Or two. You see, I think that might be the answer to Murgie's short foot problem. Maybe I can at least give her an extra inch on the shorter right leg. Velcro for the closure, I'm thinking.

Lastly, the socks are almost done and I am slowing down to make the work on them last. I do have more sock yarn so I don't know what my problem is. Should have a picture next post.

Lastly, no really, this is it, I want to share
a new drawing from an old friend and colleague from Atlanta. She is gearing up for a show, too. These are Iraqui women from a NYTimes photo. Watch out, they're wise to us.