Thursday, March 17, 2011

Twice daily by mouth.


I saw my new care giver today, and it was good. Her name is Judi, and she is a Nurse Practitioner. The entire visit was good; very good. I am so happy to be insured again. Also? They have a mental health division. Which you may know that I need. (Well, duh.)

The visit took for freaking ever, though, what with being a new patient and all the sordid medical history required. I even had to have a nebulizer treatment, as my breathing was so extremely suck ass. Blood was drawn, tears of craziness were shed, and socks were knitted in the meantime. 

Maybe I am finally at a place in time and life that I can get the help I need at a price I can afford. Ya think? With the GOP in control? I can dream.

The sorry thing is? I am so lucky to have a husband with really good bennies at his new job. I should not be in this privileged position! This should be something that everyone in the USA can have access to! It has been humiliating the last 18 months to ask for "favored" treatment because I was uninsured. ("Please, Sir, can I have some more?") 

It's just awful. I hated it. I have needed help but could not afford it. That is one reason I am now living in Missouri. Health benefits. 

Re-apply every six weeks.

We had snow again this week, about 4 inches. It came down in huge wet glob-flakes all day long. Which day? I cannot remember, as I have been sick with the Dreaded Creeping Crud since Sunday. Today, I am able to toddle about, do laundry and whatnot, but it was hard going there for awhile. 

Of course, Sweetie is now afflicted. Fortunately, he is off work until Sunday morning and has me to fetch and carry for him. 

Tomorrow, I am off to see a Nurse Practitioner, postponed from Monday. I have had to cut the cord with my long-time Doctor in Indiana and hope to have made a prudent choice here. Also, my medical benefits have kicked in. (Which is so suck ass, to be dependent upon one's spouse's work insurance. I. will. not. rant.) Anyway, I hope I like this medical group. I hope they are caring and nice and all that. Not judgmental, but not skimpy with good advice, either. 

You know, I just turned 54, and I have noticed that all of my body hair is thinning. I haven't shaved my legs in two months, but all I have is about 30 hairs per leg that are 3/4 of an inch long. My bangs are noticeably wimpier. Let us not even mention, you know, swimwear hair problems. I don't know how to deal with all of this. I don't feel old! Why does my body say I am? I wonder if I shouldn't quit coloring my hair. Maybe get it cut off way short and let the grey grow out. I don't have any roadmaps telling me which route to take.

I feel quite unsure. There is no mother, grandmother, sister, or aunt to guide me. Talk about lonely.