Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Now with More Flavor!

I keep making things. But Blogger has decided I can't upload photos.

And now Blogger cooperates.

Layers of adornment.
Another purse thing, this time with no flap and different handles.

And felt lariats. I have made more and better since I took this shot this morning. 

I messed around with wire working, but I think the flowers are better.

I have another purse drying downstairs in the basement. I am worried that the basement is too cold for felting, as I am having all sorts of little problems working down there. I can just as easily, and maybe betterly, make things at the kitchen table, but I have gone to some trouble to make that space livable. Anyway, the new lariats look much nicer than these two.

News is that I have been contracted to teach 3 different felting classes at the Art House in Fulton, beginning in October. They requested a bio and a headshot, (almost wrote head shop,) so I asked an actual photographer to shoot me. 
I liked this shot the best.