Wednesday, May 17, 2006


At least it seems that way. Just received the new Interweave Knits and there is a lace primer inside. Also received the latest Knit Picks catalogue that urges one to "discover the beauty of lace."

A month or so ago, I discovered See Eunny Knit, Eunny Jang's blog with excellent posts about lace knitting and knitting lace.

I began my own dabbling in Laceland last year when I thought I was going to have some surgery with a 4-6 week period of recuperating. I had been preparing raw mohair - washing, combing, carding, spinning and dyeing - for several months. I had enough on hand to begin a shawl, so I studied my books and came up with some sort of pleasing pattern. I downloaded knitter's graph paper (Google it!) and with pencil and eraser in hand, I tried to make it all come together.

After the initial awkwardness of 12 stitches on 4 needles and a few rows with bad words, I discovered that lace is NOT HARD! I think I used size 6 needles and a 2-ply mohair spun fine, (no, I do not have a wwp available) so the actual knitting sailed right along. I can't remember exactly how long I worked at it, because the surgery and recuperating were a non-event. The yarn was delightful to work with and I love how fuzzy the shawl has become with use. Finished size is about four foot square.

I'm inspired to do it all again! I have the yarn already spun and dyed. Three skeins that gradually go from hot fuchsia to fuchsia with red to fuchsia with red and orange. Won't that be perky come January?

Here's a shot of Sweetie, Bonnie, Buster, and Fishy. We are all such high energy beings.

PamperedProboscis wants photos of the psycho hair. We'll see. And V wondered about the blue silk and angora. I think your monitor is right on. I am still waiting for babies to arrive - am checking on Fuzzarelly often.