Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Gentle and Mild on the Skin.

This should be a bag for pets owners; it is so fuzzy that dog and cat fur will look like a design feature.

You can see how much shrinkage there was, laying there on its resist. The wool is some rough grey Shetland, I think it was, carded with some dyed green mystery fiber, from Dharma. I think I may edge the top and inside the handles in blanket stitch, for a little pizzazz and added strength.

I had no idea how spoiled I was by the merino I started felting with - it is hard to go wrong with such a lovely fiber. And now, I am in sudden miser-mode, and using all sorts of other wool that I have on hand. I have two bags of white alpaca, too, that I should dye and card. That might be a project for tomorrow. Or tonight, even.

This is why blogging is so good for me, if possibly painfully boring to the reader - I have the idea and I write it down, thus making it not only possible, but probable.

And that is why I have an Etsy shop now. I spent the morning taking photos and writing copy and thinking up tags and descriptions, and I gave them $2 and I have 10 items in my shop. I am not sure if the above bag will make the grade. Sometimes, with a little embellishment though, ugly ducklings can turn into moderately less-ugly geese.

Oh, I guess I should say the my Etsy shop is called FuzzarellyFibers.