Saturday, February 03, 2007

Flowering Bunnies

Mostly pictures tonight. Had a nice trip to Cincinnati Friday to the Art Museum. Also went to the Conservatory and was delighted by the spring flowers abloom.

Here I am as the non-hookah smoking caterpillar. I hate it when they clean up things for the kids. When I was a kid, I loved the dirty bits. Didn't you?

Precious has runts among the bigguns. She nibbled the ear off one of the little ones , but I think he will live. Does anyone besides me remember Matt Groening's cartoon strip called Life in Hell? And the mono-earred bunnies? Here is a shot of a biggun and the little one-earred runt. I hope he makes it. I mean, he looks healthy enough, but one never knows, having had an ear nibbled off and all.

Here is a shot of Kelly Bob's kids. One can see the different colored baby. Genetics are always of interest.

Addendum: The one-earred bunny is named Bongo, love child of Binky (and the cat, Hegla) and step child of Sheba. Life in Hell is still being published in numerous independent newpapers!