Thursday, August 20, 2009

Do No Drink and Drive. Listen to Me!

So today, while I was driving the back roads home from Corydon, I took a few pictures. The promised front at last moved through, and after rain this morning, the sky was beautimus this afternoon.

Forecast lows for later in the week? Mid 50s. Makes me wet. I want to move to Canada.

This past week has been awful, but not terrible. Terrible was two? three? years ago when the temps were in the 100s for two weeks. I worried so much for the bunnies at that time, but they hunkered down and made it.

I am so glad that fall in coming soon. Where I live, there are four actual seasons, and I revel in them all. Just about when one cannot stand it anymore, the new season comes along, and all seems good again.