Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Take with bleach

As with many other bloggers, I am neglecting my own blog. I don't twitter or even update my facebook status often. No apologies from me. It's my life and I can't promise to post more often.

I am depressed, but less so than before. These grey, gloomy and rainy days lately have not helped, but I wonder how much warm and sunny days will improve my outlook. 

I am loving my bunnies, and that is a good thing. Today, I spun some of that mohair cloud, and that was also good. I had an anxiety attack and put off a meeting with the insurance agent until tomorrow, when Sweetie can accompany me. I do not want to leave the house. I hope we won't go to Indiana this weekend. I want to stay safe at home, and in this room. The mud room/office, where Gertie and Trixie and the computer are. is.?

I am exceedingly lonely, and I so much appreciate that Lorie from Indiana calls me regularly. My other friends there seem not so much inclined. 

It's a teary type of day, when one may long for eternal sleep.