Monday, January 05, 2009

Allow to rest.

My life. So far.

The so-called Festive Season (imagine "air" "quotes") is over for another year. Yippee.

Sweetie is back to work, even two hours early today. The day is my oyster. So I have been listening to this. I wanna play!

Actually, my day has plenty o' chores that need doing. The usual domestic goddess crap like laundry and dishes. Plus the more frontier woman kind of things like completing the sour dough starter and fleshing Spot's pelt.

The starter is going remarkably well. One is advised that it may take two or more attempts in order to capture the Elusive Wild Yeast. However, my loose sanitary standards seem to have helped. Added benefit: Sweetie and I hardly ever get food poisoning. Being a neatnik isn't always a good thing. Ha ha, you all.

Spot's pelt is soaking in the first brine of alum and salt, and it is over due for fleshing, (removing membranes, fat deposits, etc. from the inside.) So I really need to do that and then place the pelt in a stronger brine for about two more weeks. By then, it should be ready for conditioning and drying, which means stretching the pelt while it dries. One can do this with one's hands or rub the pelt over the back rail of a chair or even tack it up to the wall. The last step is conditioning with glycerine and oil.

The bunnies are all doing well. Good Neighbor Nancy told us that a hawk almost carried off one of the adult outside bunnies the other day. The hawk ended up crashing into Nancy's front door window and was dazed and confused for several minutes. The bun escaped but lost some back fur in the process. But with the Evil Cat and the Evil Dog gone, some of the babies are surviving. Yay!

Lastly, I am still sick. This shit has been going on since Thanksgiving and I am so tired of having my sinuses constantly clogged up. I have declined to go to the doctor for the anti-robitics so far, but I may break down this week.

Insult+injury=fever blister. Last week I woke up with a wad of angora stuck to the crust on my lip. (Geez. Wonder where that came from.) When I sleepily tried to pull the fuzz off, I discovered that it was firmly glued on. Hurt like hell. I had to work at softening the scab, slowly, before the fuzzwad came off. Raising bunnies is dangerous, I tell ya! Vicious!