Sunday, October 22, 2006

Just a brief note to say how well the Fall Fiber Festival & Market went! Kudos to all the organizers, especially to Queen Victoria who's hard work made it go so smoothly.

I made money. I think all the vendors did well. I was alone in my booth, and from the opening at 9 until noon, I don't think I sat down or quit talking! (Queen Vic said that by noon, the crowd had surpassed last year's total attendance.) Thank goodness Sweetie arrived and thank goodness he knows something about bunnies, because that allowed me to grab a sheepburger, coke and cookies.

I took three bunnies to sell and sold 2. Also took one to clip as a demonstration and of course I had to bring the world famous Murgatroyd the WonderBun. The bunnies proved to be a real crowd pleaser. Why am I surprised? ( And how many times was I asked "How often do you clip them?", "Why do they sit so still in your lap?", and "What kind of rabbit is that?" I think I need to print a little fact sheet called The ABCs of Angora Bunny Care in order for my voice to get a rest.) I also sold some bunny-blend spinning fiber and several other things. A good day, as I said, so please mark your calendar for the third Saturday in October, 2007 and plan to attend the Third Annual FFF&M!

Today is football (Go Colts!), knitting and beer. Yes, I have snuck off the wagon. That is why I enjoyed Madison, Wisconsin so much. Those folks love their brew pubs and beer in general. And so do I.

Here is Murgie caught in the act of messing with several bags of clipt bunny wool. He was so excited he had an accident.
The little shit. And here is a glamour shot of Millie the cat, so named because I got her at the feed mill after she was fished out of the corn chute a year ago.