Monday, August 31, 2009

25% off

It has been a rough day.

It started out well enough, with vacation plans to New Mexico in the works, errands to be run, chickens on the front porch. We call them the Gang of Four, the two banty roosters and the two larger hens.

But all is not well. Last week, we filed papers to evict our renter, who has paid rent scantily and intermittently for the past year. Last month, we all agreed that if he just left by the end of August, we would call it even. Just Leave. How fair is that? When we found out that he was making no plans whatsoever to vacate, we filed the papers. We have been way too nice.

This morning, on our way out our driveway, he pulled in and presented us with a totally bogus bill for the "work" he has done for us on the property, in exchange for rent. $4700! Asswipe. Giving us a bill is bull, as he needs to file a counterclaim in court, which I am sure he will not do. Because it costs money.

Still, it upset Sweetie to no end and it was all I could do to calm him. Now, I am upset.

The hearing for eviction is September 30, so our plans for a vacation are now on hold, not wanting to leave our own home vulnerable to his mischief. It sucks. He may have occupancy until the end of October; this is how eviction works in Indiana.

However, once the property is free of him, I plan to move my fiber operations there. It is a whole 1000 feet away. We will not rent it again, as we have had to evict the last three tenants. We will hang on to it, then sell when the market is better.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Our Customers Come First

The roosters and the big hens are now flying the coop and investigating the yard. Reese's just ignores them. Found all four of these chickens on the front porch this afternoon.

Here is a great video of the Korean Bassist, H J Freaks. The song is called Fuwa Fuwa Time, by K-ton, and the title translates roughly as Light and Fluffy time, which sort of explains the pink and lace outfit.

Use proper parking procedures

The little neighbor girl, Lezlie, ran to tell her grandmother, "Nana, that mean rooster is trying to kill the girl chicken!! Come help!"

Yes, it looked as though they were killing the hens, leaping on the girls' backs and biting their neck feathers, wings flapping like crazy, squawking the entire fifteen seconds that the episode lasted. I left that one for Nana to explain.

I have a dozen eggs this week, and the banty hens have been quite broody for the past couple of weeks, but they not are mature enough yet to hatch healthy chicks. Come spring, I will let them sit on their clutch.

Those eggs will apparently be fertilized.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Answers on page 108.

On the knitting front, I horrified Sweetie when I ripped out the shawl I have been working on for weeks. I told him that it was okay, but as a non-knitter, he would never understand.

The now-evaporated shawl was wrong on several fronts. The fabric was too dense on the size three needles. The pattern was not right for an angora blend. The square shape was wrong and using up too much yarn.

So. May it RIP. Ha ha!

I have since cast on The (triangular) Handsome Shawl from Victorian Lace Today on size 7s. I have over 5 ounces of yarn which is plenty. This pattern is easy.

One thing that gripes me is that the pattern graph, as shown in the book, is in teen-ientsy print. I have enlarged it, (thank you scanner!,) so that my brain doesn't hurt from the looking at of it.

By the way, Eeyore is doing well! The super-duper anti-robotic did the trick.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Dispose of properly.

Some days I listen to sad songs, and yesterday afternoon I pulled up Iris DeMent and Emmy Lou Harris singing Our Town.

I love Iris' voice; it's so quirky. This song always just breaks my heart into pieces.

Other songs do that to me, too. Songs by John Prine and the late Steve Goodman.

(I do love happy songs, too. I'm not a total secret goth.)

Maybe yesterday's mood was brought on by it being Sweetie's 47th birthday. I told him that my own downhill slide began when I turned 47. Seeing him grow older makes me sadder than the thought of my own self, aging.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Step right up

Woke up way too early this morning, for as late as I stayed up. Rooster began to crow just before 5 am, so I put the ear plugs in and fell right back to sleep but only to suffer through yet another mild anxiety dream.

I was one of six bridesmaids(!) for my friend Amanda, who is already happily married in real life, thank you very much. We were all gathered at some sort of retreat center/dormitory, where there were lots of people, lots of activity. Very happy.

Then, I started losing things, dropping things. Where is that bag of clothes I brought? Where is my knitting basket? Just, everywhere I went, I lost or misplaced one more thing or two. Then, I'd knock over the light trying to look for something, only to lose something else. Then I ripped a couch cushion. Then I couldn't find my dress. And so on.

One cute part were all these little kids going around to all the wedding party to deliver gifts that Amanda had made. Hair decorations, bracelets, and necklaces. I especially liked the Hello, Kitty necklace.

My sub-conscience is a dark and disturbing place, you all.

At some point, I was in bed, (I guess this wedding went on for three days,) with a crying toddler, bless her heart. I tried to sooth her. She wanted to nurse. What the heck, I thought, won't get any milk out if it. It calmed her, though, and we fell asleep.

Lastly, the plumbing broke, and there was no place for a dozen women to pee. Yeah, I can hear you laughing through the internets. Yes, no flushing capability, and all of a sudden, everybody had to pee. I had to go so bad that I got stomach cramps.

That's l when I woke up, and it was not yet six. I stumbled to the bathroom, still thinking my bladder was ready to burst. Didn't have to go, after all.

WTF? What a weird freakin' dream. Why do I have these dreams? Dreams bursting with details, dialogue, problems.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Do No Drink and Drive. Listen to Me!

So today, while I was driving the back roads home from Corydon, I took a few pictures. The promised front at last moved through, and after rain this morning, the sky was beautimus this afternoon.

Forecast lows for later in the week? Mid 50s. Makes me wet. I want to move to Canada.

This past week has been awful, but not terrible. Terrible was two? three? years ago when the temps were in the 100s for two weeks. I worried so much for the bunnies at that time, but they hunkered down and made it.

I am so glad that fall in coming soon. Where I live, there are four actual seasons, and I revel in them all. Just about when one cannot stand it anymore, the new season comes along, and all seems good again.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Instructions included.

So I read a blog this morning, and the post was titled Five things I hate about blogging. This guy hates Blogger and cutesy pseudonyms.

My feelings were hurt for about three minutes. Like, what have I done wrong? I love Blogger because it is free and it does everything I need it to do. For free. And I call Bill "Sweetie" because that it what he is. Not to protect his identity. Or pride. Or dignity. (See previous happy pants photo.)(And sleeping photo)(And day after St. Patrick's Day photo.)

So I got over it.

Looks like we'll get some rain today and all I can say is, Bring it on. Get this damn pollen out of the air so my sinuses can relax.

And you all should be so proud of me because, in spite of drinking way too much, again, I have managed to work in the fiber studio or stand at a dye pot most every day for weeks. I am even sending a box of 36 lovely batts to Susan at the Spinning Bunny. Here are some of them. I particularly love the grey/brown ones. The color reminds me of stones.

Plus, even though I have not started another pair of socks yet, I am knitting on a new shawl to showcase Fuzzarelly's fiber. Another Marianne Kinzel pattern called "Springtime," which is a square tea cloth. Progress is slowing as it grows ever larger, and I have had to stop to spin more yarn, but it is only moderately difficult. Actually easy if other people don't talk to me during certain rows.

Sweetie is working a casual labor job today and left at 5:30. AM. Imagine! I have been putting groceries on the credit card for weeks, now, so a bit o' cash is welcome. He worked yesterday in exchange for spare parts for our van. The judge who handles unemployment appeals has pancreatic cancer, so the system is even more backlogged than usual. Our source said that his appeal should be heard by mid-October. And he got fired at the end of April. How sucky is that?

The 401(k) rollover should finally happen today or tomorrow, so bills can be paid in full. This process should not have taken this damn long, and I am frustrated and angry. And panicked. I have let them know this, and that is why maybe the wheels are starting to move.

I have been more broke in my life than now. Way more broke. So don't pity me because there are people out there really hurting. We are still making it.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Public Burden Statement

90 degrees outside today. I stayed inside.

There are four bunnies in the house at the moment. The usual L'il Bit, Fiona (and the only reason that she is still inside is my own inertia. Also, she is low maintenance,) and Sparkle, whom I am really loving a lot.

The fourth one is Eeyore. Did I spell that right? I reference the donkey from Winnie the Pooh. I originally called him Gomer, and he is a rescue. ("We just don't know how to take care of an angora!" they said. Sigh.)

So. Are you eating? Then do not read further.

Eeyore and Heizen have been living in the back yard enclosure most of the summer, with the chickens. Seemingly in peace, for the most part. But now, the Roosters have gotten larger and more aggressive and Eeyore is an intact male and that meant trouble.

One of the roosters pecked his eye out. Really. Well, maybe not out, but the eye no longer works. He has never wanted to be held or handled, but when I discovered flies all over his little head and investigated, then picked him up - he went limp. Probably thinking, I am already dead, do with me what you will.

Oh. Ick.

Timing, not so good. I had guests (!) and was just serving dinner(!) to them. "You do not want to see this, you all," I said as I hauled his sorry ass into the bathroom/surgury. I think I could be a trauma nurse, because blood and maggots (oh, yes, lots of tiny little maggots, all over his head,) do not gross me out. His head looked like something out of a zombie movie. The eye is toast and I can only think it must have been a rooster. This all happened on Wednesday, and I figured that if he made it through the night, he might survive. And now, the little feller is still kicking and healing right up. I have been smearing super-dooper anti-robotic on the eye every day, and clearing away the icky bits. He is eating, drinking and living, so I reckon he will make it.

I am thinking of calling him Cyclops, though.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Join today!

I went to the farmer's market this morning. Found nothing there to write home about; I wanted some green beans and there were none. I am finally, maybe, getting some zucchini from my garden. I overplanted my little space, but now that the tomatoes and sunflowers are dying back, the zukes are getting sun and airflow. I have never been able to grow any sort of squash here, because of squash borer bugs, but all I am seeing now are stink bugs. Not getting so many tomatoes, just enough to keep Sweetie in sandwiches. The asian pear tree is loaded.

Princess was spayed Wednesday and was slow to recover. Yesterday, I was most worried because she was yelpy and not eating or pooping. Still very sore.

Today? Much better. Her appetite is improved and she finally did number two. She seems to be a trainable dog, as all she wants to do is please. She is also more dog-like that Bonnie or Buster ever were. She loves to ride in the car and hang her head out the window! She is also gentle and interested in her world. Easily cowed, though. I have only had to fuss at her once, when she ate some of my bunny wool. She sulked or cowered for hours afterwards, but she hasn't messed with the many bags of fur that I keep since. Next trick, to get her not to chase outdoor bunnies when they run away from her.

This is Sparkle. A friendly, sweet and social guy. A friend's kids wanted a bunny back in the spring, and I had several babies for her to choose from. The kids opted for one of the outside kits that I had brought in, over an angora. And now the kids? Not so interested and I have taken Sparkle back.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pulse for 15 seconds.

Do you need a good laugh? Then go here.

I laughed so hard I cried!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Shake vigorously for three minutes.

Today was kitchen day. I washed the dishes first, a twice weekly chore.

Then I made butter. So easy and magical.

Then I made a banty egg dish with diced tomatoes and mushrooms with Italian sausage patties. The larger brown egg that I thought may have been laid by one of the larger girls, was indeed a banty egg with two yolks. So I had ten eggs and eleven yolks. Talk about rich - mmmmm rich.

I had gone to the Corydon farmer's market early Saturday morning and picked up tons of stuff. So today, I cooked snap green beans with new potatoes. Then, I stir fried yellow squash, shredded cabbage, mushrooms, banana peppers, green peppers, and onion, to be served with aged basmati rice.

I also made a cold vegetable salad of cucumbers, red and yellow cherry tomatoes, and left over corn off the cob mixed with my special ingredient, zesty Italian dressing.

These dishes will last us several days. I am learning to really like these cooking marathons, especially with Sweetie home, as he tends to eat too much peanut butter and crackers unless there is ready-to-eat food in the fridge.

He also has a superb fashion sense.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Quick Battery Recharging.

Sometimes a dream is just a dream. Right?

Since we have gone generic on most of our drugs, I have been able to cut my happy pill dose by 2/3s, and still feel okay. It is an anti-depressant as well as an anti-anxiety med.

I tried to quit it entirely, two years ago, but found myself very nervous and asthmatic, quite fearful actually, and my doctor ordered me to resume my dosage. I was trying to find my creative spark then, but all I got was worry and brooding.

So, now, I am taking 25 mg a day, down from 75 mg, and it appears to be just enough. I am more emotional, but that is okay. I have always been overly emotional.

Yesterday, I awoke from a different-from-normal kind of anxiety dream. In my dream, I was planning and trying to attend a birthday party for my mother. (She died in 1974, at age 42.) But, like in any anxiety dream, all the plans were stymied. The outfit I ordered special from a costume company, some sort of Annie Oakley outfit (!) was too small. The socks I wanted to wear didn't fit. The bus to the event was slow. People were late. I remember thinking, IMD, that I had wanted this to be a special occasion, but it was turning into an "everyday event." The dream made me sad.

I don't know what to think about this dream. I did see my mom, looking younger than I am now, in a white blouse with the collar turned up. Blonde hair teased into an up-do. Cat-eye glasses. She looked just like I remember her and not old. She would be 77 now, if she were alive.

Buster's appointment today is at 4:30. The vet prefers to schedule these sorts of visits late in the day, because it bums out everyone in the office. (I am glad that it does.)

Here is his story, from a previous post.

I have tried to be especially attentive to him these last few days, giving him little treats and rubbing his chest.

Sweetie has the grave prepared.

I am so sad.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Your in Good Hands

I want to thank all of you for your kind comments about Buster. It really means a lot to me. He fell over on our little walk tonight, so I am sure we're doing him a favor.

I do have other animals and thought I'd share a few shots of them.

This is Reese's Pieces, guarding the garden.

Millie in her favorite position.

Fiona, just before her hare cut.

The obligatory sunflower picture. Not an animal. Oops.

Miss Biddy gives me that dramatic look.

Here is another dramatic reaction.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Expiration date August 5, 2009

A couple of things going on. The good news, is that one of the two large hens laid an egg today. Yay!

I placed an old sewing machine cabinet drawer, lined with hay, in the mezzanine of the chicken tractor and the hens have been laying all of their eggs there. The banty hens gave us another 8 eggs this past week, but there was a larger egg in the box today. I figure that is about right, as I think I bought those girls a few weeks after I got the bantys.

The roosters are getting it on with the hens, but the hens are too young yet to brood. They may never sit on their eggs, but if they want to, I will let them.

The bad news is about 15 year old Buster dog. He has good days and bad days, but he has had a bad week. Wizzing in the house is one thing, and I can tolerate the mopping up, but losing control of his bowels on the couch one night and on the bed with us the next night is quite another thing altogether. He seemed so totally out of it.

So, I called the vet this morning and made the death appointment for Wednesday afternoon. But wouldn't you know it that today, he had a good day. Almost actually running, and doing all his business outside. Damn. Sweetie and I are in such turmoil. We let Bonnie live too long, as she was a mere shell at the end. She wavered between her bad days and the more terrible days, and I swore that I would never let Buster live his last hours like that. He is almost blind and almost deaf. He has lost ten pounds in the last year. He has a cyst that will not heal. His fur is falling out in clumps. His zest for life is almost nil. He doesn't want to eat. We thought about canceling the appointment. Then I decided, no. We have to do this.

It all just sucks.

Like a Good Neighbor

Wow! Look at this, it's a cup holder for your spinning wheel!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Wasted days.

Play 8-ball for free. My top score is only about 10,000.

Games at - 8 Ball Quick Fire Pool
8 Ball Quick Fire Pool

Pocket as many pool balls as you can before the time runs out!

Play this free game now!!

Sunday Buffet $8.99

I am not a big rap fan, but this link is interesting as it shows rap in 30 different languages. I think it is not the rap so much that I hate, but rather the background music. Some of this is quite catchy.

As is this great band, Movitz. Swedish rap swing. Listen.

I think this had become viral, what with 15 million views, but just in case you missed it, The Coolest Wedding Processional Ever.

I love the innerwebs. Keyboard Cat and the Three Wolf Moon T shirt.

Zit squeezers of the world unite.

Egg information from a great website.

Worst Carpool Ever.

Our ancestors, as children.Progressive politics are not a bad thing

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Do Not Use In Water.

I was sleepy all morning. The roosters woke me at 4:30, and even though I inserted the earplugs as usual, my brain was alert and racing, and so, I got up.

Around noon, I fell onto the couch and was asleep almost immediately for three hours. To dream about being so very sleepy and falling asleep in different places and occasions. Doctor's offices. Driving. Other people's living rooms.

I just now woke up and brewed myself a cup of coffee. Must. Stay. Awake.