Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Firstly, my studio is still a mess. Things get moved around, but no real cleanage had happened. I am working on it. Really! It isn't the emotional attachment to my old store things; rather it is my slug butt. I seriously just need to eBay or Goodwill the things. After my spinning guild's market day in November.

The latest cat, the black and white long hair that I named Buddha, went missing the day before we left for vacation. Searches have been futile. I am not sure whether Millie ran her off or whether she was kidnapped by he so-called "owners." The term white trash was invented to describe these folks. The dad is a biker guy (not in itself a bad thing) known to pull knives on family members. That is not cool. Mom has given up her two youngest children to state protective services. The older kids are a mess. There are two dogs, tied up in the yard of the house that they once lived in, which the neighbors feed. The house is no longer livable, I think - no one is living there now. And rumor says there are 10 cats there.

Yes, I know. It's awful. The town has no ordinances. And no enforcement, either. The county animal control is overwhelmed but have been contacted. I'm disgusted.

The vacation. We spent two days in Madison and had a great enough time visiting the numerous brew pubs downtown. Love love love that place! Liberal! A college town! A lake! The Capitol! Northern! What's not to like?

Well, the weather. It was snowy and windy and we turned tail and ran home. And I hate Illinois and their dang toll roads!

And yes, I skipped off the wagon about a month ago. Sigh. But I don't feel bad about it. Live is short. One makes choices. Beer is good.

So if I want some beer, then I have good reasons!
1) menopause and hot flashes
2) allergies
3) depression
4) aging (I shall be 50 in a few months)
5) did I mention allergies and hot flashes?

So that is where I am right now. I can not see where I am going.

But it's okay.

Here is a shot of Anna Nicole. Today was haircut day. And here is Murgie trying his best.

And here are my things with bunny ears that normally don't have bunny ears.