Sunday, April 05, 2009

Vented Wide Mouth

A ha! My name is cleared! Even though I am still Carazeee.

The dog I shot at was a boxer type. The dog that Sweetie saw with the two wounds was - a pit bull. Things have come to light and I feel much better. There are witnesses that say my shot was two feet over the boxer's head anyway.

Apparently, another irate neighbor shot the pit bull at about the same time that I had my little adventure with the boxer.

Life in a small town. I tell ya. Too much damn fun.

30 Day Warranty

Do you ever have those moments when an idea firmly held, events known to be facts, turn out not to be true and factual after all?

Remember the dog episode of a few days ago?

Turns out I did shoot the damn dog, after all. A flesh wound that is healing nicely, I gather. But still, I would have sworn on a stack of encyclopedias that I shot over its head. Guess he was hauling ass faster that I allowed for, and the shot aimed over his head actually entered and exited one side, a quick in-and-out just under the fur.

Long story short, I feel terrible. I didn't mean to hurt him. I just wanted to scare the snot out of him. Which I apparently did.

On the bright side, the incident has added to my Crazy Lady reputation, so maybe people and their animals won't fuck with me, my cats, my dog, and especially my bunnies anymore.

Also, Sweetie is taking away my gun.

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This is all true! I seed it.