Friday, September 17, 2010

We deliver.


The tension on my venerable Bernina has become erratic, as I wrote earlier this week, and it causes me great anxiety. I can get it right, after some fiddling, and then top thread or the bobbin thread tension goes kerflooey again. I can't produce good work with it. I will get it fixed. (I think what happened, is that the machine sat quiet for several years and in that time, this tension spring got rusty. Then, when I began sewing like mad on her, that rusty bit broke.) Kite Man thought it was the fabric, but no, it sewed the rip stop nylon fine for several weeks.

What to do? What to do?

Why, buy another machine, of course. I am all about the equipment. I ordered a Bernina 950, which is sort of a cross between an industrial and a domestic machine. Zig zag and straight stitch, 5 needles positions, and more!

Fed Ex just called to see if I would be here Monday to take delivery. I'm foamy with anticipation!