Sunday, February 08, 2009

Cannot combine with other offers.

A quiet day here. Most days are quiet here.

We've gone from 10 degrees earlier in the week to this:

It's nice to be in sandals again, and short sleeves. Even better is that the furnace/heat pump doesn't have to work. I opened the kitchen window.

I've been in the studio with my beloved drumcarder. Turquoise is the dyepot du jour.

New babies under the front porch and the Evul Kitteh has been hunting them. I found its lair after shooting at it with the bb gun, and missing. In our neighbor's shed I found entrails and assorted brown and black bits of fur. Plus the remains of a mourning dove. The live trap has been set over there. Fortunately, I have been able to capture two babies before the kitteh did, and I have my eye on the last little one. If he will just get up on the porch, I can get him, too.

So I have the two black babies, (one is so tiny that he fits in half of my palm,) (in the photo below,) Sable, and the smaller brown. Larger brown, released earlier, has learned to beg for carrots.