Monday, December 22, 2008

Wash Hands Often.

Brrrrr Rabbit! It is cold here at the Bunny Palace. 8 degrees last night and today it has stayed in the 20s. The worst thing is the bunny watering. Their water freezes quickly, so I take them hot tap water and hope they get their fill before it turns to ice. Of course, I have to first duck their bowls in hot water to get that old ice out and it is mighty hard on the manicure, let me tell ya.

Some bunnies, though, don't have to worry. Here is the baby who was so comfortable on Sweetie's chest that he rolled over on his back and went to sleep. He'll be three weeks old tomorrow (already!) and he's a-growin' like a weed.

Claudia is also inside, much to Heizen's dismay. It had been growing for a short while but I only noticed it today, this lump of infection on her head. Bunnies don't have liquid pus but rather something that resembles rancid toothpaste, so it is very important to get rid of it.

I got out the trusty X-acto knives and lanced this huge (on any rabbit but especially on a dwarf) lump o' pus. I'd say it was the size of a pecan and at least a tablespoon of goop squooshed out. She behaved very well because I know it must have hurt like hell and I tried to squeeze every last bit out.

I decided not to take a picture.

Mix Thouroughly

Hanukkuh Bunnies.