Thursday, February 14, 2008

Do Not Enter

Sick as the proverbial dog. I'm a real snot bucket. It's a cold, merely, but I am on my back and dying.

However. The weather has been interesting. Again. Maybe five inches of snow, total, and despite today's forty+ temps, there is still a lot of it on the ground. there was ice, too.

The nights are blue bright, from all the reflection. I like it. I can almost do the evening barn bunny chores with no flashlight.

Finished the Sweetie Socks. Finally. I mean, really. This pair contains enough stitches and yarn for two pair of my socks.

I am quite proud of them, though. In spite of my troubles with the pattern, I think they look great. Have now taken up the purple cashmere shawl again. Under advisement, as the cold makes it difficult to count.

Sheila's babies are two weeks old and are adventuring. Tomorrow, I will have to find some sort of confinement for them. Maybe. Well, yes.

We'll see.