Thursday, July 16, 2009

Enjoy Responsibly


I haven't written about making butter. I did. I made butter a couple of weeks ago and it was so easy! Rly.

I began with a pint of cream. I think it was a pint. Maybe it wasn't. It was one of those small waxed cardboard containers like we used to have in grade school. I let it sit out, at room temp, for at least 12 hours. Then I shook it. And shook it. And shook it hard for three minutes or more.

In the end, after pouring of the buttermilk and other stuff, I had real honest to universe butter. And it was good.

Here is the video I followed.

Otherwise. Well, I have an order from The Woolery for three pounds of Fuzzy Nuggets and have been working on that this week. It still takes me a week to create that much. And I would like to get more Fuzzy Stuff made for Susan at the Spinning Bunny.

Sweetie and I are arranging matters concerning his 401k. Rolling over and all that. And getting enough out of it to live on for a few more months, if need be. He invested well, and has not lost money in spite of all the stock market upheaval. Yay, us. But he wants to get it into some sort of FDIC account.

The little garden I planted is beginning to yield fruit. Think I will have about ten jillion little yellow tomatoes, (tommy-toes, as my Pap called them,) by years end, which is great because they are so small and sweet. There are baby zucchinis, at last, which should be grown up zucchinis in three or four days. Still waiting for the all of the other tomatoes. The sunflowers are magnificent. Cut five stems to bring inside this morning, and they still follow the sun even as cut flowers in the window.