Monday, April 21, 2008

We're Sorry for the Inconvenience

Wowee. Just made a frantic, yet surprisingly subdued and non-panic-filled, drive home from errands. I usually keep my albuteral enhaler in my purse or my pants pocket. Not today! I forgot! Crap on a stick!

A quarter of the way home, I began to cough and then, of course, panic set in when I became unable to draw a breath. (Breathing is kind of important.) I had, in the bottom of my purse, an Epi-Pen, (from the shrimp episode) and that was why I made it home in one piece. One breathing piece, even.

Lesson learned! Check for "Binkie" before leaving the driveway. And get a new Epi-Pen.

My brain has not been in blog mood this past week. Don't know why exactly, except that I crashed for a day (or two) after Greencastle, then commenced on the chores that have gone neglected as I cranked away at the drumcarder for the past several weeks.

All but one of Sheila's babies are either sold or are in the barn. We are keeping the newly-named Sugar in the house for the time being. However, if Sugar keeps misbehaving, it'll be The Barn for him, too.

Sheila, who may be pregnant after a few hours spent outside two weeks ago, has again begun building the Nest to End All Nests. She has found a washed fleece in my studio and has been dragging it, lock by lock, into a closet corner. Fine. Take it. When am I going to spin sheep wool again, anyway? And it isn't like I don't I have more.

Oh. I have also now taken four trips in six days to the metal recycling yards with my two buddies here....

They have made between them almost $800. I drive because the fellow in the red shirt has never had a driver's license and I don't trust know the other one enough to let him drive Zippy, Sweetie's favorite yard sale purchase ever. (1972 Chevy) They don't have a running truck between them.

What I get for my trouble (and gas money!) is a mucked out bunny barn! Well worth my time. Since I can't breathe well enough to tackle it myself.

This weekend, the crazy yet overactive neighbor was in town to work on the "summer cottage." Does anyone remember the old nursery rhyme:

Hark, Hark the dogs do bark
Beggars are coming to town.

Some in rags and some in dags
And some in velvet gown.

In other words, here be the non-Romany gypsies. One of them has a crack problem.

And last, the obligatory bunny shot. This is, from the bottom, Ramsey, Jackie Brown, and Bambi.