Monday, March 01, 2010

Brave New World


From my fitness diary:


February 28 – Commenced eksercise regime with 15 0z. cans of beans for weights, which I thought was ridiculously light. Ha! Felt achy all over 6 hours later, not painful, just achy.

Also began eating plan, 1600 calories a day. I had forgotten how much food that is. No booze.

March 1 – A little achy, but not bad at all. No workout today."

I am following the book, Strong Women Stay Slim, by Dr. Miriam E. Nelson. The workout is very sensible and I will start aerobics in two weeks, and the food plan is also sensible. Not about counting calories at all, but rather, eating a variety of good food. She has such an encouraging attitude.

My BMI is 32, which is horrible. My goal, in ten weeks, is to have that down to 30, which is merely overweight.

Also? Tutu? He lives. Still! I gave him enough Benadryl to fell a 6-year-old, and he just slept it off. I am keeping him close, as he is almost totally immobile, and feed him banana and water, and I pet him.

My business may have found a buyer, much sooner than I thought. A very good person who would give them the care that I cannot. So, things are looking up.

Outside, the roosters are mounting the hens, trying to shake those eggs out, and the male bunnies are even friskier than usual. The temps this week are forecast to be 40ยบ and above during the day, and only slightly below freezing at night.

This visible light is 12 hours. Looks like we've turned the corner.