Sunday, June 11, 2006


Today's blog is sponsored by those good vinyl purveyors at Blue Moon Records who bring you "ALPACA YO BAGS AND KICK YOU OUT THE HOUSE" as recorded by the Lapin Chanteuse, Fuzzarelly. Available on 78 or 33 rpm wherever fine music is sold.

Had a busy day! Lynne came by to visit me and Murgatroyd, who has settled in with her bun mates, and to pick up my Fanny. The LeClerc loom, that is. Then went to visit Kristen at Flatwoods Alpaca Farm. I'm going to try to hand process some alpaca fleece for her. What we're going for is free range, organic, minimally processed fiber. Crank crank crank goes the carder...

Here's a shot of just a few of her gentle, odd looking creatures.

Then I splurged and went to Goodwill for some new clothes. Found 4 cotton, rayon or linen dresses for $17. One was a real find - a vintage hippy dress in perfect condition! It's a One Size Fits All (HA HA) made in Bangladesh from what I have always called Indian Bedspread Cotton. Note those lovely 70s earth tones! I am totally delighted. I mean, this thing is practically an antique! Just like me! I would have killed for one of these back in the day.

The other notable one is a beautiful pink linen/cotton sheath. Just wait until Laconia sees me walking the dogs or bunny wrangling wearing one of these. Summer, here I come!

Oh, my eBay vinyl came yesterday - School's Out by Alice Cooper. I gave away all my Alice Cooper albums to Chipmunk Alice back in 1974. Why? I don't know except maybe I thought I was too cool for him anymore. The music has held up remarkably well.