Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Find your lost items!

So. Everything has turned out well. I had 5 students for my purse class and they all seemed happy with what they learned and made. The space was really fabulous. This was at the Ozark Fiber Fling. 

I was sick the week of the Guild sale, and so was only able to limp there on the Sunday to spin a little, but I made 3 times what I made last year. I sold some of everything, which was my lesson from the previous sale - to make several different things, with a variety of prices. 

I seem to be puttering along through November, dreading any day that I have to leave the house. I’m still a bit icky feeling, and so even in the house, I am not doing much.

I painted the frames of my kitchen cabinets; not the doors or  drawers. It liked to have killed me, I am still so weak. I have paint for the downstairs bathroom, too, but I don’t feel up to the task yet.

I bought a Kindle the other week, and I am liking it more than I ever thought I would. (I remember back when such a thing was only a bafflement. How to make such a thing? No one knew.) I have only downloaded free books - good old classic things like Jane Austen and Wodehouse - because I am a frugal midwesterner. I did subscribe to Scientific American, which we once got in print, but the price became too much. $3 a month on Kindle. 

The dogs and cats and rabbit are all well. The outside rabbits continue to flourish and spread. That makes Sweetie and me happier than it ought. We always remark to each other which ones we see and where.

Sweetie is with his mother and sister for Thanksgiving, and he has the Creeping Crud, too. I will have a pleasant Thursday, with no turkey to cook or pies to bake or relatives to make me unhappy. Holidays are always so fraught for me, and so I try to not notice them anymore.

I am more sad lately, a little more down. I know for a fact that it is the short days and long nights. (Also, because I have been ill, but mostly it’s the lack of daylight.) I hate that it is darkening at 4:30, but in another month the sun will start strengthening again and before you know it, crocuses will be blooming.

There are things I want to try, ideas that I want to explore, but I am just gonna rest awhile. Right now? I am making hats on the Knifty Knitter, that round loom. It requires absolutely no thought on my part and they will be donated to Project No Cold Ears. 

Thursday, November 05, 2015

For $40, a doctor will contact you in minutes.

I have my camouflage on, in order to blend in and appear normal. Going to a ‘breakfast’ at a local bank. Not my bank, but the one the Arts Council uses. Then, at noon, it’s the Chamber of Commerce regular meeting. I have been asked to stand for their board. I figured they needed a warm body, which I am, but I have no intention of getting elected. But if I do, I will continue to wonder what the hell I have gotten myself in to. Anyway. Sitting here in my polyester clothes and lipstick.

I am like a number of ‘retired’ women around here; involved in various groups and causes so that one is busy all the time. Not that I ever say I am retired; I just quit working back in 1994, and I have no intention of ever working a so-called real job ever again.

I keep busy. I have been feeling rather well lately, and I post a mental gold star by my name for every day that I do well and am creative. This Saturday, I travel to lovely Steelville, MO to teach at the Ozark Fiber Fling. Tomorrow, I will wet felt a purse, so that I will be able to show others how it’s done. It’s been a while since I made one of them. It’ll be fine. Of all the things I have anxieties about, teaching is not one. Even public speaking holds no terrors.  Just don’t ask me to make a phone call.

The Guild sale is November 13-15. I have just over 100 items entered, and I think I have realistic ideas about what will sell. Last year, I was a nervous wreck and then when my sales barely covered the gas to travel there and back four times, I went into a funk that lasted several weeks until I discovered wet felting. I haven’t woven anything all year, and only have knit a few things. Felting is a many splendored thing and I find myself following one path after another after another and there are dozens of ideas still to explore. 

I like the near-immediate results I get with loose fiber, when I can cut out the middle-men of spinning and knitting.

Added this evening. Why the hell did I go to the bank for a breakfast meeting? It was a sales pitch by Liberty Mutual. I am glad I took my knitting as I got 2 inches of ribbing done for a hat. Anti-Obama jokes were told. I am not sure why I am surprised, but it pissed me off. On my way out, I told the suit that he should not assume that everyone in the audience was a Republican. Also, he spelled ‘flexable” incorrectly. I left my literature and so-called goodie bag on the table. Ugh. Lesson learned. 

And because it had started raining, I skipped the Chamber meeting. Also, the sausage from the breakfast was not sitting well. 

It was not a good day. Fucking people. I did not get a gold star by my name. But I am feeling better now. 

And just now, just this second, a call from someone from Foundation of American Vets (said the caller ID) called me and I answered quickly so it wouldn’t disturb Sweetie, who had already gone to bed. 

He cheerily called me by my first name, and then proceeded with his sales pitch. God damn it. I yelled at him, saying, It is 8 o’clock in the evening! Why are you calling me? He replied, Oh, sorry, I’ll call back at a later date and I told him he better not call me again, ever.


Rat bastard. 
More pins. The leaves are machine stitched. 

Felt mitts. I was going to knit a pair, which would take me more than a week
because I am not a fast knitter, or I could felt a pair. It took less than two hours.
They are perfect.