Sunday, July 30, 2006


Sweetie had the day off yesterday! And we totally wasted it - I mean, enjoyed ourselves. He slept a lot and I slept some. We watched half the first season of Reno 911 on DVD. I weed-whacked and push-mowed just enough. Had to go to Corydon to buy a new mouse since some bunny chewed through the cable on the last one. (We have been using the old round mouse that came with the iMac, an antique.) The bunny-licious one was our very first optical mouse and set us back $50 a few years ago. The new one cost $15 and is less bulky and seems way faster. Technology. It leaves me speechless.

A new pair of socks has been started using the Trekking yarn I got in Maryland. I am really liking how the self patterning is manifesting - half inch blocks in random stripes or fake fair isle. No repeat encountered yet.

I have also redesigned the packaging for Fuzzarelly Fibers.

I have three of these crates full of product and about another crate in process. Tomorrow I am thinking of sewing something...maybe quilty, definitely arty. I have some ideas free floating in my head that I'd like to fool with. Lynne has signed us up for the Sellersburg Art Fest which is in September. I'd like to have some small, neat, cute and quirky thing to make and sell so I might fool with that, too.

The jury trial for State of Indiana v Turner is this Wednesday. This is the case of the creepy insane person (who was my personal stalker there for awhile) who physically attacked Sweetie. Turner was charged with battery and bad behavior and he could have pled, paid a fine and that would have been the end of that. except for maybe being admonished (again) to leave me and Sweetie alone. But noooooo. He wanted a jury trial and so, two and one half years later, a jury trial he shall get.