Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bathe weekly

I'm very tired. My brain in overloaded. I seem to have no time to myself. First world problems.

On the other hand, my bit of the new shop in High Heel is coming together nicely. Sweetie screwed in 30 or so cup hooks into the ceiling boards, and now there is "hanging potential!" It's looking great. 

I have found, already, several artisans that are willing to place their wares on consignment. Jewelry, soap, and brooms. It is as if my old store in Corydon, Arts & Artisans, has found a new and better home. 

Have I told you all that Sweetie and I have a new rescue? His name is Corky, and he is a Pembroke Corgi. He's a sweet boy, mostly well behaved, although he still growls at Millie and Reese's. And Princess is still not happy with her new friend, even after a week. What evs. We must have a peaceable kingdom here. Corky was set to be put down after his family lost their home to fire. He looks neglected and ill-fed; he has a new diet with much less corn.

We had a simple and lovely Thanksgiving with Leslie & Tommy and their kids. We brought the pumpkin pie and very good whiskey. They provided everything else.