Monday, January 19, 2009

Add 2 cups water.

In spite of my best efforts...No, I can't say that because I am an underachiever even at failure.

So. I tried to squander the winter away in dissipation and despite drinking way too much beer for my own good yet not all that I needed, I have been able to accomplish a few things anyway.

I have succeeded in creating a starter for sour dough bread and baked a loaf. It was good.

I have served my first ever batch of home made noodles.

I have bred a doe in order to have babies this spring. Thanks, Virginia and Grumpy Daddy.

I have a Pat Green Super Card on the way here. It's for me! It took some financial derring-do, but the derring-did.

I also have about 22 pounds of nice merino on its way here. Again, for me!

I have taken care of the bunnies through some cold ass weather. I lost Spot, but it wasn't because of the cold. I lost none of the babies to the cold.

I have clipt the bunnies mostly on schedule and have many pounds to work with.

I have agreed to teach a beginning knitting and a drop spindle class in February. For money, even.

I have written out the pattern and graph and took the photo for the Lattice Lace Scarf.

Only because there is a woman out there that's keeps on my hind end to do stuff. Susan edited and formatted said instructions and will offer the pattern for free with the purchase of Bunny & the Beast or other Fuzzarelly Fiber. It is not available yet, but as soon as more batts are created, it will be.

Also. We got our first real snow last night.