Sunday, March 13, 2016

Now streaming.

I was looking for a particular photo the other day and so ended up looking through my blog. Wow! I used to post a lot, didn't I, back in those days before Facebook? Not that I post much on Facebook but I do waste time there scrolling past the rants and cartoons and advertisements. I took a lot of pictures of my animals, too.

So, to partly make up for that lack, may I present:

Corky, next to the filthy couch that he often rubs up against.
I am so glad that he came into our lives.

This is Corky the day we got him 4 years ago.

Princess, who had 32 teeth removed last week and whose breath now is
sweet as flowers. She is still recovering.

Reeses', who is at least 12 now, I reckon, and going strong. Must be all the naps.

Snoopy, also getting older. He is 9 this year.