Saturday, June 13, 2009

100% PURE

Look at this. Six little babies, quite unexpected. I blame Sweetie.

Not in that way, you preverts!

No, about 31 days ago, Bunny AnnaBelle was allowed to roam in the back yard enclosure for a day or two, because Sweetie thought it would "be good for her." It was long enough for an outside bunny, most likely Smokey, to call on her in a gentlemanly way.

Me, I had no idea.

I found the little guys in a half-assed nest of fur and hay, which was better than mom had made last time, shortly after their birth. I brought them inside, as AnnaBelle was in the Palatial Summer Cottage with five other bunny girls. Two of the kits that I thought wouldn't last the morning are hanging in there and still alive this evening. I have brought mom inside to nurse them, which has happened, and so we shall see what happens.

Smokey's mother is Claudia, a Netherland Dwarf, and his daddy was an angora. (Percival? I can't remember.) So I have no idea what these little babies will grow up to be. One is definitely black and three are white. The other two are the iffy ones and I cannot make any predictions about them. They may or may not be fuzzy, or small.

Princess is making herself at home. What a good dog she is.

And the socks? I unraveled them. They were too small and wouldn't go over my heel. Sigh.