Thursday, May 11, 2006


It's 55 degrees, cool and rainy here in Lovely LAconia. Perfect for a trip to the dentist. I needed a crown re-glued after it lost its battle with toffee. It was sugarless toffee. Sweetie also went to get a filling. Bastard. This man neglects his teeth something fierce. He hasn't seen a dentist for 16 years. He seldom brushes and never flosses. Today the dentist tells him "You have great teeth! No plaque, no gum problems. Whatever you're doing, keep it up." Double bastard.

My teeth are a hillbilly train wreck. But I come by them honestly as both my parents had dentures by the time I was seven. I have been intimately acquainted with a periodontist. I have several crowns and enough filling material that I could start a metal scrap yard. My teeth are brittle, chalky and prone to shattering or just suddenly going loose and falling out. I brush and floss regularly. Bastard. But this dentist doesn't shame or scold me and I love her for that.

The porch bunnies are unhappy as they haven't yard time for a few days because of the rain. Stubby, the little Lionhead, gets out the most often. I put his cage within a fence so he can come and go at his pleasure. He likes to play racetrack round and round and round. Looks like crop circles.

Heizen is a big ol' boy, a rescue from an allergic owner and has always been a house bunny until this spring. Now, he gets to run loose in the yard (under adult supervision, of course.) After about 10 minutes, he's exhausted and hops back into his cage.

Percy is a crazy teenager and has to watched like a hawk or he'll be off like a shot.

Rabbit wrangling. That's how I spend my days.

The barn bunnies are doing well and all the babies are thriving!!! I am delighted! Spot got into a fist fight with Yoshimi (I suspect) while I was away. It's always something. Spot's ear has a huge slice in it but I'm doctoring it along and she has been placed in protective custody. Here she is as a baby and last week. She is magnificent!

Fuzzarelly's babies are due Monday. She and Groovy checked into the Honeymoon Hotel almost four weeks ago. Two days after that, Precious and Caspar did their thing. These were both planned pregnancies. Kelly Bob, on the other hand, sprang Hippie from his cage one night. I have never planned to breed her and this is her third litter! Crap. I'm acquiring a bunch of new cages tomorrow and there will be changes made, let me tell you!