Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The contents of your box may differ.

Again with the Apples!

I picked these this morning, after a gentle rain last night. I think they are beautiful! And such a gift. I mean, all I have ever done for this tree, besides plant it, has been late winter pruning.

Yes, there have been apples in the past years, but that fruit was small and wormy and bitter. These guys, though, are big and mostly unblemished. They are sweet, too. A gift!

I spent a couple of hours yesterday canning. Of course, there are still a jillion apples left.

Believe it or don't, Sweetie, Buster and I ventured into the relative wilderness of a public ramp/picnic/fishing area along the Ohio River on Sunday evening. The Indiana side is kinda shabby, but the road to it is almost paved and someone keeps the parking area leveled and puts down more gravel after high water.

The Kentucky side, on the other hand, is fancy. Paved ramps, real picnic tables, the occasional free concert. Lights, even.

The Ohio River hosts many barges like this one.

Three engineers cook a weenie.