Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Very hot, very southern feeling today. Most sane people are inside the house on days such as these. I know I was. When the sun sets, some of those people get outside on the porch or deck to breathe and move around a little. Turn up the car stereo loud. Kids on trikes, Me, I stayed inside and peeked through the curtains.

As darkness comes, so does the fog. It's all that humidity condensing. The grass Is soaked with dew. I remember staying up all night (or as late as I could) in the summer, trying to find some rock and roll on the transistor radio or reading some trashy, grown up novel. I only did this on the hottest nights, which were always in July.

Somewhere inside me is a memory of our family camping on the river bank in Tennessee. Our people were hunters and fishers, raised up in the southern hill country. There is an exceedingly old black and white photograph of my grandfather holding a 7-month old baby (me) under one arm while the other held up an enormous mud cat. When I was older I do remember bon fires on the shoals and the sounds the night made and being wrapt up in a quilt.

So. The maggot story seemed to capture everyone's attention! I received the most emails ever and I am glad to say that no one was grossed out. Maggots are part of life when one is in livestock.

I have clipt 4 bunnies in 2 days. I wish that I could have waited on a couple of them, let their wool grow out just a bit, in this heat they needed to get nekkid. Here is Bonnie and The Magnificent Spot from earlier today.