Monday, June 02, 2008

Government Use Only

As if I don't have enough creatures to take care of, (and that includes my dear darling Sweetie,) here is the newest terror monster addition to our happy family. Her name is Karma. She is part Blue Heeler and part lab. There may be more parts. She is a double rescue. Sweetie's workmate's son and daughter-in-law adopted "Tippy" from the animal shelter, with the understanding that she was of Spitz ancestry. Ha ha, ho ho. The dil is now 8 months pregnant and cannot handle such a large and rambunctious animal. We are suckers for a hard luck story. On the other hand, said workmate has agreed to labor on our rental house as a thank you payment.

Buster is not amused. At All.

Add this to the Odd Dream department. Last night, both Sweetie and I entered our parallel universes and dreamt about what might have been if we had not met. Moi, I contacted my ex to see if we could get back together! In the end, I again said "See ya!" (The funny thing was, this dream incorporated some of my past dreams about apartments he and I shared, employment dreams, and of course, bunnies.)

Sweetie was transported back to the time when he was just out of the Air Force and unable to find employment in the civilian air industry. He ended up working as a cook and was so discouraged to receive a week's paycheck for a mere $122.

It was such a co-inky-dink that I thought it was worth remarking upon.

By the way, most of the creosote from the shop vac disaster has been washed off of flat surfaces and the ceiling and walls have been Swiffered. (Still to do are the tops of the fridgadaire and hoosier cabinet, and the entire bookcase.) I was grumpy the whole time doing it. It is sort of funny now and will make a good story later on.