Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Instructions included.

So I read a blog this morning, and the post was titled Five things I hate about blogging. This guy hates Blogger and cutesy pseudonyms.

My feelings were hurt for about three minutes. Like, what have I done wrong? I love Blogger because it is free and it does everything I need it to do. For free. And I call Bill "Sweetie" because that it what he is. Not to protect his identity. Or pride. Or dignity. (See previous happy pants photo.)(And sleeping photo)(And day after St. Patrick's Day photo.)

So I got over it.

Looks like we'll get some rain today and all I can say is, Bring it on. Get this damn pollen out of the air so my sinuses can relax.

And you all should be so proud of me because, in spite of drinking way too much, again, I have managed to work in the fiber studio or stand at a dye pot most every day for weeks. I am even sending a box of 36 lovely batts to Susan at the Spinning Bunny. Here are some of them. I particularly love the grey/brown ones. The color reminds me of stones.

Plus, even though I have not started another pair of socks yet, I am knitting on a new shawl to showcase Fuzzarelly's fiber. Another Marianne Kinzel pattern called "Springtime," which is a square tea cloth. Progress is slowing as it grows ever larger, and I have had to stop to spin more yarn, but it is only moderately difficult. Actually easy if other people don't talk to me during certain rows.

Sweetie is working a casual labor job today and left at 5:30. AM. Imagine! I have been putting groceries on the credit card for weeks, now, so a bit o' cash is welcome. He worked yesterday in exchange for spare parts for our van. The judge who handles unemployment appeals has pancreatic cancer, so the system is even more backlogged than usual. Our source said that his appeal should be heard by mid-October. And he got fired at the end of April. How sucky is that?

The 401(k) rollover should finally happen today or tomorrow, so bills can be paid in full. This process should not have taken this damn long, and I am frustrated and angry. And panicked. I have let them know this, and that is why maybe the wheels are starting to move.

I have been more broke in my life than now. Way more broke. So don't pity me because there are people out there really hurting. We are still making it.