Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bathe weekly

I'm very tired. My brain in overloaded. I seem to have no time to myself. First world problems.

On the other hand, my bit of the new shop in High Heel is coming together nicely. Sweetie screwed in 30 or so cup hooks into the ceiling boards, and now there is "hanging potential!" It's looking great. 

I have found, already, several artisans that are willing to place their wares on consignment. Jewelry, soap, and brooms. It is as if my old store in Corydon, Arts & Artisans, has found a new and better home. 

Have I told you all that Sweetie and I have a new rescue? His name is Corky, and he is a Pembroke Corgi. He's a sweet boy, mostly well behaved, although he still growls at Millie and Reese's. And Princess is still not happy with her new friend, even after a week. What evs. We must have a peaceable kingdom here. Corky was set to be put down after his family lost their home to fire. He looks neglected and ill-fed; he has a new diet with much less corn.

We had a simple and lovely Thanksgiving with Leslie & Tommy and their kids. We brought the pumpkin pie and very good whiskey. They provided everything else.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Adventures on Hwy 19


The first thing one does when one blows a tire on a well traveled state road is to toss out the empties into nearby field. Then, if nobody stops right away? Crush the cans and hide them under harvested cornstalks. 

Nobody stopped for what seemed quite awhile. 'Fat bitch in a Mercedes - eff her!' was maybe what most folks thought. the only local friend I had on my cell phone didn't answer. Finally! someone with Oregon tags pulled over to help, and the help involved three short trips into town. One to air up the spare, two to get lug wrench, and three to get a lug wrench in metric. 

I had two dogs with me, and so didn't really want to leave the vehicle, but I still wanted to be settled, you know, in case the local Barney Fife arrived. 

All safe. All fine.

Monday, November 14, 2011

November what??!

Oh, how life changes so quickly, and yet remains annoyingly the same.

The big news is that Gypsy Gatherings is moving down the road a piece, to the town of High Hill, (or High Heel, if you are southern.) The move decision came about suddenly, but it's as close to a perfect place as possible. Nicer buildings, no rent, only utilities, close to Interstate 70, and a billboard is in the works. The name will most likely change. Current new name contenders are The Dog's Meow and Magpie's Nest. Here is a short video of the cottage part: the new store

I'm painting the kitchen here at home as the old color is what I would call putty. Grey putty. Ick! With no windows of its own, the grey paint sucked all life out of the room. New color is a pale green/yellow and from the half wall I've done, I know I will like it.

My therapy is interesting, especially the dream diary part of it. The recurrent themes sound particularly text-bookish: Saving bunnies. Costumes that need to be made under impossible deadlines, especially opera costumes. My house in Indiana. Going back to high school. Tornadoes. 

The therapy seems to be helping, although some weeks it's hard to tell. My mood is more upbeat than usual for this time of the year. I'm taking fish oil and vitamin D, and also spirulina which is a green algae. That's for my joints (heh heh) and tendons.

I have made an appointment with an asthma/allergist for January, so that is another step in the right direction.