Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Drop Mail Here

I want you all to meet the marketing geenius and all around excellent person, Susan.

She has my stuff for sale. I am in love with her.

Please go there and buy. Heizen needs a new pair of shoes

Operators are Waiting to Take Your Money

How did I miss this? How did I miss Northern Exposure? Was it the same way I missed Twin Peaks and Picket Fences? Was it on Channel 3, the station that never comes in? Was I busy those nights?*

But due to the loving goodness of NetFlix, I have just watched the pilot and subsequent three episodes of Northern Exposure. Twice. I lurve John Corbin so much. At least his character as the uber-hipster. The guy who is so hip he doesn't even know how hip he is. The guy that looks like the young John Lennon. A guy I would kidnap and hold hostage because I love him so much. (I am so Lucy Butler.) I love Ed, too. And the Molly Ringwold-type chick. In a platonic way. And Joel the Jerk. And Hawling.(sp?) Yeah, he's nice.

I may just have to upgrade to the two, nay nay, to the three disc-at-a-time plan in order to see more of Cicely at one sitting.

Damn. I will have to wait for the back to heal because I want to knit something special during that marathon. Screw the Tour de Fleece. Screw the Knitting Olympics. Give me the Northern Exposure Knits and Purls! Fits and Hurls???

*Guess I was busy back in 1990. Working several jobs and being so totally clueless and miserable in a hateful marriage. (This was BS - Before Sweetie.) A so totally miserable time that it makes today's miserable seem like a walk in the park. Like, using dental instruments to clean out my sinuses compared to -- awww, I dropped my Blow Pop.

As for the TV show I worked on, from '91 to '93, I didn't even watch all of those episodes. Hmmmm. Wonder if NetFlix has I'll Fly Away?