Monday, August 22, 2011

Get a Haircut, ya Damn Hippy!

My friend, Zippiknits, chastised me in the most gentle of ways regarding my post of yesterday. Thank you. 

The anger was real, yet beneath me. 

The house in Laconia needs to be lived in. There was mold here and there from the place being shuttered for several weeks. Someone needs to be there to open the windows and see to the yard. 

Wouldn't it be a grand place for an entrepreneur or two, someone with an at-home business? The post office is just across the street, and FedEx and UPS visit Monday through Friday. There is high-speed internet available.

I would consider renting the house at a rock bottom price to a person in need, a person I could trust. 

Do any of you know about a forum or website that I might join; starving artists or starving self-employed people? It seems a shame for that big old house to be empty, when so many are underwater with their mortgages.