Monday, November 20, 2006


Hello kids! I have another Murgatroyd story to tell.

Murgie went missing the other night. Where was that little dickens? I found him and here is his route.

From the kitchen, he traversed the pantry, the laundry room and bathroom, went down a hall a bit, nibbled the edges of the back living room and ended up in my studio aka junk room. He was under my big ass loom, playing with Millie.

I snagged the little shit and held him close, and I felt him stiffen with pique. Taking him back to his place, I could tell he was pissed because his little adventure had been cut short. He even nibbled my arm just a bit to let me know how unhappy he was. Here he is hiding behind the cabinet in the kitchen.

I wish I could let him go wherever he pleased, but until he is litter trained, I just can't. Bunny pee is awful. It reeks. It can remove paint. However, his potty training is going well, and he uses the paper almost exclusively. By removing the rug by the couch, I limited his mobility and therefore, his ability to pee on same. (Hardwood floors are not easy for crippled bunnies to navigate.) I have begun to leave him out of his cage all the time. I still love that little guy so much! (Even with his sometimes grumpy behavior.)

Late at night, he and Millie play and roam as far as they can. I shut the bathroom door so they can't get to the studio.

Hi, remember the studio? I have made more progress by moving all wool and fiber upstairs in what we cleverly call the basement. Wow. What a difference. It is now a room in which a person can move.

The shawl is almost done! There are about 700 stitches on the 36" circulars and it is crowded. I want a ruffle around the edge which means big increases. I should have a photo of some sort this week.

Are you as surprised as I am that it is almost Thanksgiving? I haven't heard boo from my three brothers as to family plans, (maybe I wouldn't go but it is nice to be asked,) but I have several invites from friends. I don't know what Sweetie and I will do.

And to end, a drawing by friend Haleigh.