Saturday, May 28, 2011

See Reverse Side for Instructions

Sometimes, especially after I read a really good blogger, I wonder why I bother with this mess of words. My brain races with thoughts that I can't corral and put into sentences. But then I didn't start this blog with anything other in mind than keeping my friends and family notified and aware of what I do, since I became such a poor correspondent several years ago. In that case, my blog is useful. 

Fun stuff! Watched three episodes of Sherlock on Netflix. It is a British series from last year, and it is set in modern day London. Very clever use of cell phones and computers, and Watson was wounded in Afghanistan, as in the original. Instead of being a cocaine injector, Sherlock sometimes wears three nicotine patches. If you have Netflix, I highly recommend this show. The actor who plays Mr. Holmes is very sexy, in that dark haired, pale complexioned English sort of way that I find so attractive; i.e. he's a hottie.

I also indulged in Downton Abbey, a 7-part BBC miniseries reminiscent of Upstairs, Downstairs. It is set between 1912 and 1915 and I just loved the Edwardian gowns that the ladies wore. Worth watching if only for that, but the story held my interest, too.

Sweetie and I have watched all the episodes available of  30 Rock, and are now working our way through about 2 shows a day of Scrubs. Streaming Netflix may not have every movie or show I might want to watch, but for $8 a month, we get to watch a lot of stuff with no commercials. Worth every cent. We don't have a television at all, and don't miss it. 

The newly screened in back porch
We screened in the back porch yesterday, and today, Princess tried to run straight through it, chasing after an "intruder". Sigh. The screen is almost invisible from the inside, but she is a slow learner. All was repaired and then I ran a strip o fduct tape all around the bottom of the screening to remind the Dull Knife that she has to use the door next time. Trixie and Gertrude have moved to the porch and seem to enjoy themselves very much. I let them into the yard every so often, with adult supervision. I've seen a young, probably male, wild rabbit in the area. I bet he smells the wimmin rabbits.

Sweetie's lap is seldom empty. This time it's Trixie and Reece's.

Also, I have been knitting! Photos next time.

A perfect fit!