Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Tested & Rated


The class went well last night; the flower felting class. I had 4 students, and all made three flowers, except for one flower that ended up being a bowl. I had them make one with a stem and then they used a resist to make a double layer flower. Or a bowl, in one case.   

They all seemed happy as they left, but I, of course, was thinking that it could have been better. What could I have done to make their flowers better? Sturdier? Prettier? Which is a stupid question. But still, it’s there circling my brain and the voice is still quietly saying, You should have said this, done this, explained that, and corrected more. Here, Let me just do it for you! What I need to do is look at some of the first flowers I made. Ha! (Some real stinkers in that basket, and I remember being so proud of them at the time.)

This morning I am tired. Two things on my calendar: get an allergy shot and Art Council board meeting tonight. I have already decided that the shot can wait until tomorrow, or even until Monday next when I have another appointment in Columbia. I can get Chinese for Sweetie’s lunch. I can spend the day recuperating from a busy week and hide and recharge my batteries, which are dangerously low. Maybe felt a little something this afternoon. Or not.

The Art Council tonight is not something I can blow off, as I am president and need to chair. I am hoping for brisk and business-like. I have been toiling over by-law amendments for a couple of months now and that meticulous sort of shit almost hurts me physically. Especially when I think I have it the way I think it should be and then someone gleefully finds a stupid mistake or a paragraph which is unclear and my brain is too fried to even contemplate fixing it. And then, I emailed it to the board members in a format that some couldn’t open. Just when I think it’s over - and it isn’t and there is One More Thing to fix. I want to table it, shelve it, put it in a box and mail it to Timbuktu.
(Okay, not gleefully. But oh how I love that word.)