Wednesday, January 13, 2010

10% return guaranteed.

My Little Brother, (not so little, he is 42,) stopped by for a visit last night. I am still recovering. We are so related, it isn't funny.

We laughed, we drank, (I am so off the wagon,) we danced, we put makeup on the dog. We came up with band names. Tits and Indifference is the only one I remember.

I have been feeling so freaking' low, and seeing him, at this moment, was wonderful. There are things that only family and very old friends can know and share and relate to, and it did me so good to be with him and talk about certain issues.

Sweetie and I really need to just get away from Lovely LA, (forever,) and so that is my goal. I hear that Laguna Beach is nice.

And by the way, Little Brother turned me onto Pandora Radio. Nice.