Thursday, August 17, 2006



This is another day in which the score is ALLERGIES - 14, HOME TEAM - 0. I feel like crap on a stick. (Must be State Fair time!) Also, the hot flashes are active. The "Flashes" are morphing and these are like a circulatory tidal wave. Have you ever been very cold and washed your hands in warm/hot water? You can feel the warmed blood flowing up your arms. This is like that but not as much fun and it involves my whole body.

Slept most of the afternoon. The dream I just had was funny in places. I dreamt that I was putting whole bunnies through my drum carder! There were other crazy things, but I still have this mental image of Spot going headfirst into the machine.

Looks like we'll be awash in baby bunnies in 31 days. I let Kelly Bob run free last night and discovered this morning that Groovy had broken out to join her. I had neglected to completely latch his cage. Damn me. I immediately put her in with Fuzzy Bob, an agouti, and let him have his way with her - hoping that his genes could fight their way to the front, so to speak. GO, BOYS! This will be Kelly Bob's fourth litter this year and all unplanned. Fuckity, fuck, fuck, and fuck. Literally and figuratively.

Began a new pair of socks a few days ago. For this pair, I cast on using the tubular method and knit 24 rows in k1 p1 rib. For the k1, I knit into the back of the stitch. The difference in the ribbing is amazing! I need to practice the cast on, because I like the concept and the appearance when done correctly, and I am totally loving the rib fabric.

Someone (Lamar??) left orphan tomatoes for me. Beautiful and tasty no matter who left them.

Here's two doses of the not-quite-daily Murgatroyd fix. The lord is drinking from the dogs' water dish while Buster eats supper. And milord relaxes. (Looks like a beefcake shot to me.)