Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

My life. So far.

Still snuffling and coughing from the Creeping Crud. Me and Sweetie both. This virus has really wiped us out. (Not that I need an excuse to do nothing, or that Sweetie needs a reason to sleep all day on the couch.)

I have been clipping bunnies as the weather allows. I try not to denude them when the temps are below freezing, but today has been near 60(!) so clipt Kelly Bob and Tutu. The angora cup runneth over.

Inside, Virginia and her kit are doing well, as is the sibling to the little black guy that I tried to save last week. I caught him about a week ago, to much squealing on his part, but he is now acclimated to the safe, warm, and well-fed indoors. He's a cutie - brown with the darker nose of his mother, Jackie Brown, and small like his daddy. All three of them are in the big cage in the living room.

Heizen is also fine and really loves his own little space in the pantry. Although he comes out to pootie near the big cage every so often. Men.

I finished the scribble scarf, and have worn it, but think it will be frogged. The corn fiber ribbon yarn mixed with silk thread just will not behave and is worming like crazy. The technique needs a more grabby yarn to work right. Oh well, live and learn.

Began spinning some of my Bunny and the Beast today. There is not much left from all that I carded in October - and that's a good thing! It has sold well everywhere. But now I need to get access to the Patrick Green Super Carder again in order to crank out some product for the next couple of months. All my fiber profits have been set aside in order to buy one for my very own, but I am only half way to the needed total of about $2600. (Yikes! That is more than we pay for our cars.) But it is the coolest damn piece of equipment that I have ever seen, and worth every penny.

On the knitting front, the current afghan is nearing completion. I had to order more Lorna's Laces yarn (from Loopy Ewe) and dye two more skeins of KnitPicks worsted weight because this thing has apparently gotten way out of hand. But I am only two blocks away from sewing the damn thing together and I can't wait to be shet of the knitting of it. I am looking forward to the snuggling beneath. That last afghan is my favorite cozy maker. Sweetie's too. It is soft, light weight, warm, and not too big.

My next knitting project will be a scarf from the handspun Bunny/Beast. The last IK had some nice designs and I may consider knitting a sweater from it. Consider. Don't hold me to it.