Tuesday, December 26, 2006


In the fall of 1968, our black and white television set blew a tube. Remember black and white? Remember tubes? I guess we couldn't afford to have it repaired, so we waited two months for Oldest Brother to return from school so he could fix it. Two months without television - how in the world did we pass the time?

We played card games and a lot of Aggravation. This is not a board game that can be easily found anymore, but it's a lot of fun and if you can roll dice and count, you can play it. That game board saw a lot of action and not just then, either; I seem to remember playing a lot.

Fast forward to maybe ten years ago. Little Brother made an Aggravation board and gathered the necessary dice and marbles and the play resumed at family gatherings. We were vicious and mean and yielded no quarter and we always laughed like crazy.

This year, Oldest Brother made the board for Sweetie and me, and he found the dice and marbles. I was so touched - I think it is the nicest gift I've ever received from him. (Last year, Next Oldest Brother gave me a five foot tall steel palm tree that he made which indeed the is nicest thing he ever gave me.)

Sweetie doesn't have the attention span or interest in card games and I beat the pants off him at Trivial Pursuit, but we played two games last night and had a blast. Thank you, Oldest Brother!

This is what I've been spinning. An interesting blend, created on the drumcarder. The usual - wool, angora, silk.

This is what I've been reading. Sweetie's gift to me.

This is what I've been baking. The bunnies helped.


nancy neverswept said...

I'd love to hear more about Aggravation... rules, etc. And a picture of the palm tree that has tickled my curiosity would be cool, too! Please?

fuzzarelly said...

8ssHere is a link to Aggravation rules:


As for the palm tree, I'll post a photo tomorrow - maybe - if I can get it together.