Thursday, January 18, 2007


We live in an old house. As in 1869 old. We are lucky that nobody had the money to "remuddle" after the last scion of the original owning family died in 1975 and the building went on the auction block. We still luxuriate in the nine and a half foot ceilings and there transoms over the front doors, of which there are three. There are still wooden clapboards outside and two of the original storm shutters on the lower north windows.

And boy, do we have windows. About twenty. Mostly six foot tall sash windows with 8 glass panes each.

Except in the kitchen. Probably in the 1960s, someone installed cheap new windows there and we have lived with them for 12 years. Aren't they hideous? And so not energy efficient.

Yes, that is cardboard covering gaping holes.

So. Sweetie and I have saved our nickels and dimes until had enough money to replace them this week. Just in time for the first cold weather of the season.


This is called a garden window over the sink. So cool. Not the best picture, but the cats like it.


Valerie said...

yay! We got new windows a couple of years ago. costly, but much warmer! Enjoy!

nancyneverswept said...

In a previous life, I, too, had a garden window in the kitchen. Filled with plants, it really did make a difference in the winter ambiance of that room. I spent a lot of time keeping my cats out of it, though. They can be hard on the vegetation!

fuzzarelly said...

Costly, YES! We don't pay this kind of money for a car, for goodness sake. But I love the garden window and the light, oh yummy light; it's so good for my depression. As an added bonus, the binoculars don't have screens and cardboard in the way. Not that I spy on my neighbors or anything.