Friday, January 05, 2007


When I got an email from Oldest Brother today, it all finally hit home. He lost his only child, the sunshine of his life. I'm so sad with, and for him. I believe Tracy is fine; her energy has been released into the universe. It's for the living I grieve. Sweetie and I will go up for the funeral on Sunday. I hate when funerals are the reason for family gatherings.

In the meantime, I'm going to immerse myself in bunnies. Silky and Whitey need clipt while the weather is still mild. Murgie got a hair cut too.



All that wool hid how tiny and fragile and malformed he is. He has no concept of being different. He's outside now running in the yard where he gets good traction with his two and a half legs.

Lucy was in major nest building mode yesterday. I thought babies would be born at any second, she was in such a frenzy, but after all that activity, she flopped down to rest. She's added a bit to the nest since and the cool thing is the nest box is a little room off the main cage and I can lift the top to check on things. It's a lovely nest.


Valerie said...

Bunnies (and other small furry beings) do much to soothe deep sadness like this kind of loss. They remind us that some things are still living and breathing and loving when we can feel like the earth has become a bare and wintry place. That there is heart left still, amid the holes.

fuzzarelly said...

Exactly. Thank you.

shansays said...

My Darling Nancy,

I am so sorry. It sounds like you have had your share of sad news lately. What a bummer. I think staying close to the rabbits seems like the way to go (and maybe have a cup of tea). I love the two and a half legged bunny. He reminds me a lot of Frankie. You may remember him, he is my little pomeranian. He has hip problems, and so sometimes he's three legged and sometimes only two. He hops a lot (like a bunny). He makes me laugh all the time because he truly is CRANKY FRANKIE, and when I was in NY, and he was here, I thought of him all the time and was so lonely without him. My thoughts are with you, and I am so sorry about your niece. Big Hug.