Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sit, Whitey!

It is a damp, foggy, and dreary day here in Lovely LAconia. However, it is also almost 60 degrees outside and so I shall not complain. Cold weather is on the way; it's due here Tuesday night and it seems all of next week will be cold. Meaning below freezing. It's rained a lot recently and we are soggy. Murgie really wanted out this afternoon and so he was let out. Wet and dirty boy!

I am working on my website. I thought I could transfer my blog to that domain - but I thought wrong. If you have noticed a simple web page instead of my blog, then that is why. I have switched the server (from to One wouldn't think that one would be so different from the other, but if you go to the new and improved site, say next week, you will see an improvement. I hope. I want to be able to offer fiber and patterns for sale there as well as post silly blather stuff. I am unhappy with what easydot had to offer and that must be why I haven't messed around with it. For a small fee, I will be transferred to much more riches, web-site-wise.

Yesterday was the Friendship Spinners monthly Spin-In, this time in Frankfort, Kentucky. It was so nice to see all my buddies and all of you others, too. Sold a nice amount of knitting needles. (Hello! I am a dealer for Brittany, Takumi bamboo, and Bryspun plastic knitting needles. And Jacquard Dyes and Paints. Also, Louet Spinning Wheels. I'm just saying is all.)

In addition to the shawl, I am knitting my signature flowers. (Pattern soon available!!) If you have seen me in person, I usually have several knitted flowers in my coiffure. People certainly remember me because of them. Since I have lost a few hither and yon, I need to replenish the floral stock. This is a picture of the product in process.

And this is Whitey, just before haircut. Sweetie named him, so I don't want to hear about it. (Although every time the name Whitey is mentioned, I can't help but remember the Bob Newhart episode in which the dentist, Jerry, gets into an elevator with a large black man and his dog. Said large black mans loudly says to his dog, "Sit, Whitey!" whereupon Jerry crumples to the floor in terror.) Ha Ha.


Valerie said...

Hee hee. You better show us the after-haircut picture, I can't even find Whitey in all that fur!

The Murgie picture is priceless. Nothing like a soggy, dirty bunny. I laughed out loud. Love your animals!

nancyneverswept said...

Seeing a bun that close to a face very nearly makes my nose itch! I'm so glad it's you and not me dealing with rabbits.

fuzzarelly said...

You know me - I like living dangerously.