Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Git'n it done

Meet Kelly Bob, mother to 5 lovely white babies and one adorable brown one, as seen in previous posts.

So. The weather here has been crappy. I don't like for it to be much below freezing or much above 78 degrees. At least not for long. That is my dream, anyway. The liquid propane tank is down to 50 gallons. What is the price for a refill? My allergies suck donkey dicks and I fell down the barn stairs yesterday - only from the fourth from bottom step but still. I had jiggly brain and a big ass bruise on my big ass. Ow!

The camera wires have been gnawed through by Heizen so I cannot post photos. I may have to scan a few gems from years past to keep this thing interesting. If this is interesting in the first place.

I did good today; paying bills, mopping floors, going to town for medz, even mailing said bills. And I am working still on the new shawl. Yawn.

Babies are all doing GREAT! Even the runt! Eyes are open, ears are rising, and the little guys are starting to scout about. Need to bring in larger cages soon, like tomorrow, because in a week, the babies will be on their own for the most part. They'll need room to run. Hard to imagine that all this takes place in three weeks. From hairless pinkies to big -earred fuzzys. And mom can breed the day after giving birth. Ask me how I know.

Noseless Harry is doing great, too. The flesh wounds have pretty much healed and all I am doing is keeping his nostril infection in check.

Progress is being made behind the scenes on my web site. Once I get the camera back, I hope to have some Fuzzarelly Fibers for sale. Wish me luck.


Valerie said...

Ow, poor butt. That sucks. But the babies, now that is good news. And Noseless Harry. Hope they keep improving/growing/etc!

Hugs for Valentine's Day!

nancyneverswept said...

Just one more reason I'm SO GLAD, esp. in winter, not to have livestock any more. You are welcome to it/them!